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EAI Develops and Manufactures:
Instruments and Systems for Measuring and Monitoring pH, D.O, ORP, Ions, Conductivity, and Temperature.
Latest Product Highlights: Multi-Channel, Multi-Parameter Instruments, Flow-through Cell and Multi-parameter Computer based system, 2 and 4-channel compact pH/Ion Analyser with Monitor and Meter, Analysers for Aqueous Solutions, 4-20mA Transmitters for pH and Ion electrodes, Sensor and Electrode Amplifiers

Measuring Practice:

Products' Information for:
  • Flow-through Water Analysis Systems and Leaflet for applications in Groundwater, Surface water, Mineral Exploration, Fish Farming, Control of biological Filtration and Recirculation, Monitoring of Wastewater Outlets, Industrial Process Control etc.
  • 4-20 mA Electrode Transmitters :Connect Electrodes (Ion-selective electrodes, ORP- and pH electrodes) to PLCs, Displays, Controllers, Instruments and Automation Systems
  • Amplifiers for Electrodes: Connect Electrodes (Ion-selective electrodes, ORP- and pH electrodes) to Data Loggers,
    Data Acquisition Systems, Displays, Controllers and other Instruments
  • Electrodes and Sensors: Standard electrods and sensors for pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.), Conductivity(Salinity, TDS), Temperature and Ions (with ELIT Solid State Ion Selective Electrodes)
  • Electro Analytical Accessories: Electrode Stand, Electrode Heads, Reference Isolating Adapter, pH Buffer Capsules, Parafilm, RS232 to USB Converter, BNC extension cable for Electrode, Battery Power Pack
Applications' on the Fields where our Instruments and Sensors can be used: Agriculture, Environmental, Research, Aquaculture, Food and Drinks, Water Industry, Dairy Industry Industry, Education, Pharmaceutical and Medicine

Data Sheets and Information (PDF formats)


Measuring Practice

Errors in Electro-Analytical Measurements

Using Reference Electrodes

Preparing Calibrating Solutions

Avoiding Ground Loops in Electro-Analytical Measurements

Serial Communications (RS232, RS485, USB)

Protection Classes of Enclosures

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