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Products > Ammonia - Ammonium (NH3-NH4) Analyser Monitor
Ammonia - Ammonium Analyser Monitor
Measure, Monitor, Display in Real-Time of NH3, NH4, pH and Temperature

The Measurement of NH3 in aqueous solutions is done by monitoring the NH4, pH and Temperature in the sample, and calculate the NH3 by the computer software

Computer Screen Meter display

Application and MM-PNHT-2U Kit
  • Continuous, Real-time Monitoring and Sample
    Measurement of NH3, NH4, pH and Temperature
  • Instant data display in Meter and Table mode
  • The electrodes / sensors are connected to the
    Windows' computer via USB port (laptop or desktop)
  • Electrodes / sensors can be housed in a special electrode holder, which enables easy onsite measurments.It is fully compatible with all the standard electrodes which have 12mm head
  • Fully compatible with ELIT ISE, the standard NH4, pH electrodes and temperature sensor
  • The included software provides the routines for calibration, measurement, data display and storage. The software is fully compatible with MS Windows XP/ Vista, Win 7, 8 & 8.1, please see Screenshot
  • Automatic data collection has a wide range of acquisition frequency and durati
  • Data are stored in text form and can be viewed, edited or exported to other data-processing software
  • Simple and transparent communication protocol
    enable the customer to analyse and display the
    measured data further, by using software such as
    Excel, LabView, Daisy Lab, or by writing own
    software using C++ , Visual Basic etc

Please see Offer for more details

Please be aware when K/NH4 ratio is greater than about 0.5, strong interferce may occur.

Screenshot: NH3-NH4, pH and Temperature
Ammonia - Ammonium Monitor Offer
Type Order Code Unit Price Ex VAT (GBP)
Meter and Monitor: for Ammonia-Ammonium, pH and Temperature. Including: 1xElectrode holder(for pH, Temp. and NH4), 1xMono Electrode head for ELIT ISE MM-PNHT-2U 650.00
pH Combination Electrode: 12 x 120 mm, Gel-filled, Plastic, BNC, 1m cable PH2011 50.00
Temperature Sensor: Stainless Steel, NTC, 1m cable TS-NTC-bL1 45.00
NH4 Ion Selective Electrode: Solid-State, PVC (works with ELIT ISE Mono head) ELIT 8051 120.00

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