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Flow-through Water Analysis
Using EAI robust modular Flow-through Cell and Multi-parameter Computer based system

Flow-through Cell with 1xpH, 3x Ion selective Electrodes and 4-channel Computer based Monitor


  • Hydrogeology - Groundwater
  • Environmental - Surface water
  • Mining - Mineral Exploration
  • Aquaculture - Fish Farming
  • Control of biological Filtration and Recirculation
  • Pollution Control - Monitoring of Wastewater Outlets
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Reliable results for Continuous
    Monitoring through controlled Flow
  • Monitors pH, D.O., ORP, Conductivity,
    Ions and Temperature


  • In-situ Calibration by Recirculation
  • Cost-effective using Standard Sensors
  • Robust, Modular and Portable Design
  • Expandable: 1 to 12 Channels
  • Complete with Hardware and Software
   Basic System Description
System Arrangement and Installation
  • The computer based multi-parameter monitoring system can measure from 1 to 12 electrochemical Parameters continuously, data can be displayed and stored in the real-time
  • The easy to use software and text (.csv) data format enables further export and study
  • The fluid-intake through 5mm diameter tube, up to 20 meter long enables simple installation
  • The system is compatible with standard electrodes and sensors, the software runs on Windows' computer (PC or Laptop)
  • All system come complete with power adapters, tubing and cables
  • The Peristaltic Pump maintains a constant flow of 0.2 L/min
  • A suction from up to 30 m distance and 6 m height difference is possible
  • The out flow must be free and about 100 to 500 mm above the flow-through cell level
  • If the fluid can be taken from a relative clear area of a sink-bed or sink-tank, no filter is required. Otherwise a simple 40 Micron in-line filter can be installed
  • The Flow Cell is delivered with no sensors inserted and the sensor slots covered
  • Unused sensor slots must be closed with the supplied covers

The Installation can be arranged as followings:
Bench top or Rack mountable


This compact arrangement is suitable for the on-site measurment

All components, except the computer, are housed in a weather-proof (IP65/NEMA4X) Enclosure made of glass fibre reinforced ABS

The computer is usually housed separately in a cabin, a vehicle, a control room etc

Enclosure outer dimensions (mm):
Width x Height x Depth
For up to 8 sensors: 300 x 400 x 220, Weight: 8 kg
For up to 12 sensors: 400 x 500 x 240, Weight: 14 kg

The system comes in an "easy to install" condition with 10 m inlet tubing, mains power adapter and 15 m data cable to the computer. Cable- and tubing-protection is also provided. For additional cable and tubing length, please contact us.

  • In the cabin, where the computer is installed, two mains power outlets must be provided, one for the computer and one for a 24 V DC, 2 A Power Adaptor.
    Inside the cabinet are wide input range DC/DC Converters, which provide the peristaltic
    pump and the sensor electronic with a stable 12 V DC supply
  • The silicone Suction Tube with an inner diameter of 5 mm is protected with a Corrugated
    Protection Tube
    . The length should not exceed 20 m
  • The 24 V DC Power Cable and the Data Cable between the cabin where the computer is installed and the weather proof cabinet for the flow-through system should not be longer than 20 m. They are also protected together in corrugated protection tube


The Open Frame arrangement is flexible and easy to install, suitable for development project in the laboratory

The Flow-through Cell, the peristaltic pump with power supplier (12V DC) and connected fluid tube are mounted on an open panel, make it easy to transfer and connect to the sensor electronic and computer

Power supplier for the the sensor electronic depends on the selected type of Analyser/Monitor

The data cable between the computer to the sensor electronic should not be longer than 20 meter


The modular design Flow-through cell blocks can be joined to hold up to 12 electrodes or sensors.

The Flow-through cell (s) and the Peristaltic Pump can be mounted on the bench top or rack

Power supplier for the the peristaltic pump is 12V DC

Power supplier for the the sensor electronic depends on the selected type of Analyser/Monitor

The data cable between the computer to the sensor electronic should not be longer than 20 meter




Real-time Display on a computer (Desktop or Laptop) with Windows operating system

System Configurations and Prices
Option Description Unit Price Ex VAT (GBP)
1 x Flow-through Cell for 3 Sensors: Reference, 3 x Ion
1 x Flow-through Cell for 4 Sensors: pH, 2 x Ion, Temp.
1 x Flow-through Cell for 4 Sensors: D.O., pH, ORP, Temp.
1 x Flow-through Cell for 4 Sensors: pH, ORP, Cond., Temp.
2 x Flow-through Cells for 6 Sensors: pH, ORP, 3 x Ion, Temp.
2 x Flow-through Cells for 6 Sensors: D.O., pH, ORP, Cond., 2 x Ion, Temp.
2 x Flow-through Cells for 8 Sensors: pH, ORP, 5 x Ion, Temp.
2 x Flow-through Cells for 8 Sensors: D.O., pH, ORP, Cond., 3 x Ion, Temp.
3 x Flow-through Cells for 12 Sensors: D.O., pH, ORP, Cond., 7 x Ion, Temp.

*Guide prices quoted here include all hardware and software but not include Sensors, Computer or shipping costs

for a selection product of pH, ORP, Ions, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Temperature, please visit our Electrodes and Sensors

For special configurations and arrangements please contact us.

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