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Application Examples

(In Gratitude to various Research Organisations doing Pioneering Research)

Using Marker-Substances to evaluate the spread of Pollutants

Measuring the Spread of Oil-Spill on water in a large flat tank, in a Simulation of real Oil-Spills in an Environment. A marker substance and Ion Selective Electrodes for Bromide are used.

The drawing on the left is of bottom view of Sensors and the Oil spill.



Studying the Diffusion of Ions through Materials

Application in:

  • Chloride through Concrete
  • Other Building Materials
  • Organic Membranes



Simulating a Continuous Process by a Cascade of Tanks


Application in:
  • Mineral Ore Processing
  • Fractional Chemical Processes
  • Removal of Pollutants by Biological or Chemical means depending on the various Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters
Sensors in closed Pipes and Tanks
Sensors can be fitted to closed Tanks and Pipes by using IP 68 Electrode Glands

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